Friday, May 29, 2009

360 Portage Avenue - Manitoba Hydro Tower

Manitoba Hydro Tower
Project: Manitoba Hydro Tower
Address: 360 Portage Avenue
Website: Manitoba Hydro Projects
Status: In Process
Size: 600,000 Sq Ft
Number of Employees: 2000
Cost: $180m

Background Of course, you can't talk about downtown Winnipeg development without mentioning the Manitoba Hydro Tower ! In December 2003 Manitoba Hydro announced that Portage Avenue would be the site for their new office tower, replacing the current headquarters on Taylor Avenue and satellite offices throughout the city.
Hydro Building

Over the 6 years of construction, Winnipeggers have watched the 22 storeys rise and change the skyline of the city.

The first employees began work on Portage in December 2008 and the rest will be added over 2009.

There will be 41,000 sq ft of retail space inside the tower. Main floor tenant RBC opened an 8500 sq ft branch in August 09. Other tenants will include a coffee shop and a Marcello's.

Hydro Building
Hydro Building
Hydro Tower
Manitoba Hydro Tower

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