Thursday, July 21, 2011

Site histories indexed by street

Here is a street index of the buildings I have researched so far. Parks, art and memorials are at the bottom.

The focus of the blog has changed since I originally named it. It now includes buildings from across the city. Rather than try to split them into neighborhoods, I am just making one central street index. Y

Key: 'O' indicates an ongoing project; 'P' is for a proposed project; 'H' are housing related; and RIP are now demolished

Downtown - General
Downtown Walkway Expansion
Portage and Main Intersection
Winnipeg's Most Endangered Buildings

Academy Road
394 Academy Road Academy Lanes

Albert Street
44 Albert Street Albert Business Block RIP
48 Albert Street Royal Albert Hotel

Alexander Avenue
184 Alexander Avenue Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural Centre 

Alverstone Street
616 Alverstone Street Bjorn Petursson House

Archibald Street
611 Archibald Street Chalet Hotel

Arlington Street
Arlington Bridge
47 Arlington Street Osmond's grocery , now private home
618 Arlington Street National Upholstering / ARTlington
666 Arlington Street Brown Brothers Block

Assiniboine Avenue
351 Assiniboine Avenue Kerr House

Balmoral Street
524 Balmoral Street House

Bannatyne Street
477 Bannatyne Street Victoria Leather Jacket Manufacturing

Beverley Street
285 Beverley Street Private residence RIP

310 Broadway Centennial House
363 Broadway 363 Broadway
Broadway at Donald Street Centennial Fountain
287 Broadway Former Sovereign Life Building 
545 Broadway Wilson House / Klinic
608 Broadway West Broadway Neighbourhood Organization
619 Broadway Pal's Grocery 

Burnell Street
Multiple Burnell Street Buildings 
258 Burnell Street Canada Bread Bakery
280 Burnell Street Thistle Curling Club

301 Burnell Grey Goose Garage RIP
488 Burnell Street Hignell Printing
519 Burnell Street Thelmo Manisons H

Carlton Street
162 Carlton Street and neighbourhood RIP
220 Carlton Street Carlton Motor Inn RIP 

Avenue de la Cath├ędrale
190 Avenue de la Cath├ędrale St. Boniface Cathedral

Central Park Area
366 Qu'Appelle The Warwick Apartments
Central Park Renovation

Chester Street
Sir Sam Steele School RIP

Colony Street
400 Colony Canwest Centre for Theatre and Film (U of W)

Disraeli Freeway
Disraeli Bridge I RIP

Donald Street
55 Donald Street Office Building 
72 Donald Street Chateau 100 H
251 Donald Street Millennium Library
Andrew Carnegie Portrait Millennium Library
Millennium Library Park Millennium Library 
281 Donald Street Metropolitan Theatre
310 Donald Street The Donalda Building RIP
317 Donald Street Credit Union Central
320 Donald Street The Surtees / Saratoga Lanes Building
335 Donald Street Former Masonic Temple

Edmonton Street
236 Edmonton Street Ming Court Restaurant 
307 - 309 Edmonton Street Medway Court RIP

Elgin Avenue
666 Elgin Avenue Spiers Parnell / Weston Bakery RIP
700 Elgin Avenue Ellen Douglass School

Ellen Street
65 Ellen Street No. 1 Fire Hall

Ellice Avenue
338 Ellice Avenue Alabama Building RIP
353-357 Ellice Avenue Manitoba Furniture Building
435 Ellice Avenue Institute for Biodoagnostics
445 Ellice Avenue Centre for the Commercialization of Biomedical Technology
501 Ellice Avenue Y Not Foods
555 Ellice Avenue Ellice Place H
583 Ellice Avenue Security Storage / John Howard Society
585 Ellice Avenue Mac's Building
586 Ellice Avenue West End Cultural Centre
559 Ellice Avenue Haselmere Apartments RIP
678 Ellice Avenue Juliana's Pizza
667 Ellice Avenue YMCA / Kihiw Iskewock
690 Ellice Avenue Geylyn's Wedding Lounge 
700 Ellice Avenue Waddel Appliances / Naomi House
732 Ellice Avenue Wesley Chapel
823 Ellice Avenue Former West End Library

The Forks
Manitoba Children's Museum

Fort Street
130 Fort Street Lonely House

155 Fort Street GMC Building

Garry Street
83 Garry Street Royal Crown Restaurant 
276 Garry Street Norris Tailors / Aqua Books
287 Garry Street The Garrick Hotel
330 Garry Street The Garrick Cinema / Garrick Centre

Gilbert Street
71 Gilbert Street Gilbert Park

Graham Avenue
266 Graham Avenue Gneral Post Office / Public Safety Building II
372 Graham Avenue Hulls Bookstore
419 Graham Avenue The Halter Building

Hargrave Street
44 Hargrave Street Kenilworth Court RIP
309 Hargrave Street The Norlyn Building RIP
Wagon Wheel Restaurant 309 Hargrave Street RIP
370 Hargrave Street African Canadian Cultural Centre P
490 Hargrave Street WRHA Downtown Community Health Office 

Henderson Highway 
755 Henderson Highway East Kildonan Town Hall RIP

Isabel Street
188 Isabel Street Riedigers Drugs RIP

James Avenue
109 James Avenue High Pressure Pumping Station
O 110 James Avenue Condominiums H

Jarvis Street
743 Jarvis Street Dominion Tanners

Keewatin Street
8 Keewatin Street Brooklands Hotel

Kennedy Street
203 Kennedy Street Ingram and Bell Block
233 Kennedy Street Medical Arts Building
330 Kennedy Street former Downtowner Motel / HI Hostel

King Edward Street
1100 King Edward Street Safeway Distribution Centre

King Street
238 King Street - Coronation Block / Shanghai Restaurant RIP
333 King Street Youth for Christ
400 King Street Shragge Warehouse

155 Kingsway Kelvin High School

Langside Street
164 Langside Street Hill Bros. Grocery

358 Langside Street Richardson Science Complex (U of W)
370 Langside Street McFeetors Hall (U of W) H

Lily Street
45 Lily Street Daniel McDonald House

Logan Avenue
376 Logan Avenue Former Zion Swedish Lutheran Church 
646 Logan Avenue Union Bank
745 Logan Avenue J. C. Wilt Infectious Diseases Research Centre
925 Logan Avenue Ontario Wind Engine and Pump Building RIP

Lombard Avenue
1 Lombard Place The Richardson Building
111 Lombard Avenue Kemp Manufacturing / Brick's Fine Furniture
135 Lombard Avenue Northern Sales Building
153 Lombard Avenue Grain Exchange Parkade
191 Lombard Avenue National Trust Tower

MacDonald Avenue
95 MacDonald Avenue Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Main Street
77 Main Street Gibraltar House
100 Main Street Upper Fort Garry Heritage Park
123 Main Street Winnipeg Rail Museum
123 Main Street Streetcar 356
123 Main Street Union Station
180 Main Street Inman Motors
214 Main Street The Winnipeg Hotel H
232 Main Street Fortune Block
272 Main Street Scott Block
389 Main Street Bank of Commerce /  Millennium Centre
438 Main Street parking lot
466 Main Street The Woodbine Hotel H
510 Main Street City Hall Clock
555 Main Street Centennial Concert Hall 
555 Main Street grounds Little Black Devil
564 1/2 Main Street Original Food Bar
580 Main Street United Way Headquarters
600 Block of Main Street
637 Main Street Bon Accord / Mitchell Fabrics
662 Main Street The Bell Hotel H
666 Main Street Weir Hardware Building
764 Main Street The Yellow Warehouse RIP
776 Main Street Radford Wright Building RIP
795 Main Street Craig Block 
838 - 842 Main Street "The Beehive" 
843 Main Street Former Kern Hill Furniture 
1051 - 1053 Main Street Strangers' Rest Mission
1100 Main Street C. Kelekis' Restaurant
1400 Main Street Ogniwo Polish Museum
1441 Main Street Former Safeway
1973 Main Street Colish Block
3924 Main Street North Main Cabins

Market Avenue
174 Market Avenue Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre

Maroons Road (West End)
1465 Maroons Road Winnipeg Stadium RIP

Maryland Street
164 Maryland Street
54 Maryland Street RIP H

McDermot Avenue

400 McDermot Avenue Downtown Letter Carrier Depot
732 McDermot Avenue General Hospital Powerhouse
770 McDermot Avenue Basic Science Building, U of M RIP

rue Messier Street
563 rue Messier Dominion Tar and Chemical

Memorial Boulevard
Winnipeg Cenotaph
300 Memorial Boulevard Winnipeg Art Gallery
280 Memorial Boulevard Mall Medical Building / WAG Studio

301 Memorial Boulevard The Bay Parkade

Mountain Avenue
767 Mountain Avenue Henry Barber Shop RIP

Nairn Avenue
340 Nairn Avenue Riverview Hotel RIP
342 Nairn Avenue Chalmers Blacksmiths

Notre Dame Avenue
224 Notre Dame Avenue Argyle Block
235 Notre Dame Avenue St. Charles Hotel
301 Notre Dame Avenue Towne Cinema 8
422 Notre Dame Avenue Winnipeg Modern Brush Co.
Notre Dame Avenue at Victor Jacob Penner Park
735 Notre Dame Avenue Women's Hospital
810 Notre Dame Avenue Bank of Montreal / Rebel Waltz Tattoo
956 Notre Dame "Shoe Repairing"
1147 - 1155 Notre Dame Christie Biscuit Factory

Osborne Street
160 Osborne Street Former Osborne Village Inn H
265 Osborne Street Winnipeg Electric Co. Substation

698 Osborne Street Park Theatre

Pacific Avenue
145 Pacific Avenue Sport Manitoba Building

Portage Avenue
Portage Avenue Christmas Decorations
P 388 Portage Avenue The Boyd Building
234 Portage Avenue The White House
238-240 Portage Avenue former Dreman Place
265 Portage Avenue The Avenue Building H
275 Portage Avenue The Kensington Building
288 Portage Avenue Radisson Hotel
303 Portage Avenue Mountain Equipment Co-op
311 Portage Avenue Clarendon Hotel / MTS Exhibition Hall RIP 
311 Portage Avenue CentrePoint
315 Portage Avenue Kennedy / Affleck and Mitchell Copp Building RIP
323 Portage Avenue Dayton Building
330 Portage Avenue Bank of Montreal / Newport Centre
O 333 Portage Avenue Former Bank of Commerce
339 Portage Avenue NEFCO / APTN Building
346 Portage Avenue Original Zellers store
350 - 354 Portage Avenue The Carlton Building
360 Portage Avenue Manitoba Hydro Place
393 Portage Avenue IMAX at Portage Place RIP
424 Portage Avenue Singer Building 
450 Portage Avenue The Bay
450 Portage Avenue The Paddlewheel Restaurant RIP
460 Portage Avenue The Buhler Centre (U of W)
487 Portage Avenue Former Bus Terminal / U of W AnX
515 Portage Avenue Wesely Hall, U of W
515 Portage Avenue Janet Skinner King Window
541 Portage Avenue CBC Building
639 Portage Avenue Monte Cassino Court
725 Portage Avenue Security Storage / Kromar Printing
930 Portage Avenue Sun Life / CMHA Building
960 Portage Avenue Traders Building 
1133 Portage Avenue Pierre's Restaurant / Palomino Club
1300 Portage Avenue Valour Theatre / Advance Electronics
1485 Portage Avenue Polo Park
1785 Portage Avenue Higgs' Barber Shop

Princess Street
33 Princess Street The Peck Building
100 Princess Street The Penthouse H
104 -108 Princess Street Webber and Robinson Block
110 Princess Street Fairchild Lofts H
123 Princess Street Miller and Richard H
171 Princess Street Civic Parkade P
232 Princess Street The Edge on Princess H
242 Princess Street The Bathgate Block 
271 Princess Street Meade's Mission / Ham'n Eggs Grill RIP
O 271 Princess Street Peace Tower Housing Complex H

Provencher Boulevard
Provencher Boulevard St. Boniface Civic Plaza

Redwood Avenue
Redwood Bridge

River Avenue
277 1/2 River Avenue Royal oak Annex RIP
445 River Avenue Gas Station Theatre

Ross Avenue
318 Ross Avenue Boyce Carriage Works 

Rothesay Street
Rothesay Street Springfield Heights Shopping Centre RIP

Ruskin Row
10 Ruskin Row Davidson / Evans House

Sargent Avenue
484 Sargent Avenue Bright House
526 Sargent Avenue Legion, Manitoba Branch No. 1
543 Sargent Avenue Craik Block / Hood Apartments RIP
635 Sargent Avenue IOGT Lodge / Zoohky Memorial Hall

810 Sargent Avenue The Rose Theatre
845 Sargent Avenue Fire Hall No. 5

Selkirk Avenue
518 Selkirk Avenue The Windmill Lunch

O 541 Selkirk Avenue Merchants Hotel / Merchants Corner

Sherbrook Street
20 Sherbrook Street Misericordia Hospital (original buildings)

133 Sherbrook Street Melbourne Apartments H
381 Sherbrook Street Sherbrook Pool (4 parts)
800 Sherbrook Street Rehab Respiratory Hospital

Simcoe Street
614 Simcoe Street Laclede Apartments

Smith Street Smith Street at Graham Winnipeg Tribune RIP
O 161 Smith Street Residences on York H
265 Smith Street Holy Trinity Church 
185 Smith Street St. Regis Hotel
331 Smith Street The Marlborough Hotel
363 Smith Street The Walker Theatre

Spence Street
509 Spence Street J W Dafoe House RIP
563 Spence Street Former Willard Hall

Stella Street
516 Stella Street Private residence H

Stradbrook Avenue
321 Stradbrook Avenue Fontana Apartments H

St. Matthews Avenue
641 St. Matthews Avenue St. Matthews Church / West End Commons

St. Mary Avenue
333 St. Mary Avenue Eaton's Mail Order Buildings
333 St Mary Avenue Eaton Place / cityplace 
P St. Mary Avenue at Edmonton Lakeview Hotel
425 St. Mary Avenue The Winnipeg Clinic
464 St. Mary Avenue Mall Plaza / Abbott Clinic Building H

St. Paul Avenue
St. Paul Avenue - General

796 St. Paul Avenue Row Houses

University of Manitoba Campus
University Stadium

Vaughan Street
225 Vaughan Street Office Building
310 Vaughan Street Isbister School
340 Vaughan Street The Raleigh H

Waterfront Drive and area
1 Heaton Avenue YouCube Condominiums H
290 Waterfront Drive The Excalibur H
P 333 Waterfront Drive Harbour Master Hotel and Restaurant
O 340 Waterfront Drive Sky Condominiums Phase I and II H
O Waterfront Drive H20 on Waterfront H

Webb Place
443 Webb Place Webbsite Condominiums H

Wellington Avenue
730 Wellington Avenue Verdin's Grocery RIP
765 Wellington Avenue Rumford's Ltd / Perth's Cleaners

2000 Wellington Avenue Winnipeg International Airport RIP

Wellington Crescent
1021 Wellington Crescent Residence RIP

Westminster Avenue
685 Westminster Avenue Sherbrook Inn
951 Westminster Avenue Evelyn Court

William Avenue
339 William Avenue Lauzon Block

380 William Avenue Former Carnegie Library

Wolseley Avenue
The Wolseley Elm RIP

York Avenue
O 375 York Avenue Convention Centre Expansion

Parks, Art and Memorials
CanWest Global Plaza Portage and Main
Central Park
Justice Kennedy Street at York
The Cube Old Market Square
Famous Five Memorial Legislature Grounds
First World War Soldier Portage and Main
Former City Hall Clock Portage Place
Hi Neighbour Sam Regent Avenue
Jacob Penner Park Notre Dame Avenue
Janet Skinner King Window Wesley Hall
Japanese Gardens Carlton Street
Kwakiutl Totem Pole Legislature Grounds
Little Black Devil 555 Main Street
Lord Selkirk Monument Memorial Boulevard
Broadway at Donald Street Centennial Fountain
Memorial Park Memorial Boulevard
No. 1 Northern 303 Main Street
Odd Fellows Temple Facade The Promenade
Old Market Square
Perrett Bus Shelter Ellice and Balmoral
Replica Streetcar 356
Soldier's Relatives' Memorial Legislature Grounds
Timothy Eaton Statue MTS Centre
Winnipeg Cenotaph Memorial Boulevard
Window Park Portage at Carlton


  1. Great website! I just want to thank you for all the work you've done. I love Winnipeg and I also see the potential downtown has to become even more of a thriving, lively place to live, work and play. Keep up the good work!

  2. Of all the Wpg blogs, this one is seriously excellent. Hopefully it won't fall by the wayside!

  3. Thanks ! I plan to keep it going for a long time. I have another dozen posts or so already in the works ! Just have to find a better mapping tool.

  4. New update to index - Sept 1, 2012. Now nearly 200 places in and around the downtown !

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