Thursday, July 21, 2011

443 Webb Place - Webbsite Condominiums

Project: Webbsite Condominiums
Location: 443 Webb Place (Map)
Cohlmeyer Architects

Before the Waterfront Drive projects there was Webbsite.

The project was actually commissioned by The Forks North Portage Partnership on a surface parking lot they owned on Webb Place. When construction began in Spring 2005 an infill, new-build condominium complex in the core had never been done before.

Webbsite Condos
Ellice Avenue (rear) view

The main constraint of the project was the size of the lot: just 50 feet by 130 feet. When space was allowed for parking the frontage of the complex became 25 feet wide.

Webbsite contains seven units ranging from from 825 sq ft to 1200 sq ft.

Cohlmeyer Architects won a 2008 Prairie Design Award and a 2005 Award of Merit at the Canadian Architect Awards of Excellence

Webbsite Canadian Architect
443 Webb Place Former 'for sale' ad
(Perhaps ironically, Webbsite does not have a web site)

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