Sunday, July 5, 2009

251 Donald Street - The Millennium Library

Millennium Library Park

Project: The Millennium Library
251 Donald Street


Completed (Nov '05)

172,000 sq, ft (38k new, 134k existing)


Architects: Petkau Architects and LM Architectural Group


The Millennium Library began as the Centennial Library, Winnipeg's main Centennial project, opening in 1977.
Though in the planning stages for a number of years, the project to revamp and expand the library officially kicked off in February 2003 when a private fund raising campaign was launched by the Winnipeg Library Foundation. In October of that year the Centennial closed it's doors for the two-year build.

On November 8, 2005 the Millennium Library opened. The most noticeable features of the expanded building are the addition of a new level and the four storey glass wall overlooking Library Park.

The architects, Petkau Architects and LM Architectural Group, won a number of awards for the new facility, including the
Governor General's Medal in Architecture in 2008. Images and a pre-contruction model of the facility can be found at the Petkau library project page.

The Centennial Library saw 3,000 visits per day. The expanded Millennium Library draws 4,000 visits per day, or 1.5 million visits per year, making it the top draw of any downtown facility.

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