Sunday, June 28, 2009

388 Portage Avenue - The Boyd Building

Project: The Boyd Building
Address: 388 Portage Avenue
Status: In Progress
Size: 12 storeys (incl 450 parking spaces)
Number of Employees: 20 new doctors, 100 new medical workers
Cost: $30m

The Boyd Building was built in 1912 by William J. Boyd a local confectionery tycoon. The prominent main floor retail space was home to Hollingsworth Ladies' Fashions from 1917 to 1972. It was then home to Willson's Stationers. Most recently it housed a pharmacy and, due to the large number of medical related tenants is known as the Boyd Medical Centre.
c 1970s

In December 2008 Boyd Building Inc. announced a $30m expansion plan: a 12 storey parkade / office building situated where the adjacent two story building and empty lot are.

Renovation of the existing building to make way for a main floor pharmacy and laboratory has already begun.
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