Sunday, September 20, 2009

Downtown Places - The Halter Building

Place: The Halter Building
Address: 419 Graham Avenue Map
15,000 sq ft


The Halter Building was built in 1960 by Aubrey Halter.
The Halters were a prominent family in Winnipeg. Aubrey was a noted lawyer and sometimes controversial developer tangling with the city over zoning matters and other regulations. Halter was also noted for being one of the city's most dapper dressers ! Nola Halter was a businesswoman.

The Halters lived at the Sures House,
1021 Wellington Crescent the Siftons and Izzy Asper and family.
When the Halter Building opened in 1960 initial tenants included Nona Halter's bookstore: MacDonald's; the Occidental Life Insurance Company of California; Ellerby and Hall Pharmacy; an optician and CBC offices. Other longer-term tenants have included the provincial government, Handley's Shoes and Tall Girl clothing store.
The Halter's were philanthropists. They supported numerous charities and the arts - Aubrey was an initial investor in the theatre group that would become the Manitoba Theatre Centre. Another group that the Halter's supported was the Women's Health Clinic. Opened in 1981 elsewhere on Graham, the Clinic moved to the Halter Building in 1985. Aubrey Halter donated the building to the Clinic in 2004 where they remain today.
Nola died March 25,1998. Aubrey died October 21, 2008 at the age of 90.

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