Sunday, September 20, 2009

419 Graham Avenue - The Halter Building

Place: The Halter Building
Address: 419 Graham Avenue (Map)
Charles Herman
Opened: December 1960

The three-storey Halter Building was built in 1960 for Aubrey Halter.

The Halters were a prominent family in Winnipeg. Aubrey was a noted lawyer and developer and wife, Nola Halter, was a businesswoman and media personality.

The family were long-time residents of Sures House at
1021 Wellington Crescent.

The building was initially marketed to medical practitioners and clinics due to its proximity to the Medical Arts Building, but when it opened in late 1960 its initial tenants were Macdonald's Book Store, a book and arts supply store owned by Nona Halter. Also, the Occidental Life Insurance Company of California, Ellerby and Hall Pharmacy, an optician, and CBC offices.

Other longer-term tenants have included the provincial government, Handley's Shoes and Tall Girl clothing store.

The Halters supported numerous charities and the arts. Aubrey, for instance, was an initial investor in the theatre group that would become the Manitoba Theatre Centre.

Another group that the couple supported was the Women's Health Clinic. Opened in 1981 elsewhere on Graham Avenue, the Clinic moved to the Halter Building in 1985.

Aubrey Halter donated the building to the clinic in 2004.

Nola died on March 25,1998. Aubrey died October 21, 2008.

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