Tuesday, May 19, 2009

77 Main Street - Gibraltar House

Project: Gibraltar House Renovations
Address: 77 Main Street
Website: northwest.ca
Status: Completed

Background: Gibraltar House was built as Hudson Bay House in 1972 by Moody Moore and Partners. When The Bay's Northern Stores were sold off in 1987 the new incarnation of the North West Company, which actually dates back to 1779, took over the facility and renamed it after their first fort.
The decision to renovate the existing building rather than move from downtown was important to the North West Co: "Retaining a central location rather than moving to industrial outskirts allows more employees to take advantage of environmentally friendly modes of transportation i.e. public transit, walking and biking".

The new construction is utilizing salvaged materials and materials removed are donated for reuse.
When the project is complete in 2009 the building envelope will go from an insulating value of R2 to R20 and the interior will house an employee fitness facility, indoor bike lock and expanded cafeteria.

Completed Winter 09 /10:

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