Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Title: Justice
Address: York Avenue and Kennedy Street Map
Unveiled: 1985
Artist: Gordon Reeve


Justice was chosen along with four other works in 1982 to adorn the extension to the Law Courts building.

At a cost of $48,000 the 15 ton stainless steel sculpture stands 9 meters in height, each of it's pivoting arms span 12 metres. Reeve produced the work in Sweden and had it shipped back to Winnipeg aboard a Canadian Pacific ship.

The size of the sculpture caused production delays. Though the Law Courts opened in April 1985, Justice was not installed until August 31st of that year.

Reeve was, and is, a fine arts professor at at the University of Winnipeg. Another large work of his is Agassiz Ice at Assiniboine Park unveiled in 2008.

c.1985: final installation


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