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310 Vaughan Street - Isbister School

Place: Isbister School / Winnipeg Adult Education Centre (WAEC)
Address: 310 Vaughan Street
Samuel Hooper

Constructed: 1898 -99


September 27, 1898, Winnipeg Tribune

Isbister School was built for the 1899 school year at a cost of approximately $20,000. It was named for Alexander Kennedy Isbister, a pioneering teacher and lawyer.

By 1900 it had an enrollment of 530 pupils, one of the city's largest. In the post-war period attendance began to decline as families opted to live in the suburbs. In 1966 it  became the Winnipeg School Division's Winnipeg Adult Education Centre offering high school equivalence courses.

In 1984 the building was designated a provincial heritage site and is the oldest surviving public school building in the city.

Renovations to the original building and a new glass and stone extension was added to the west side in 2003 - 04.

Aside from high school equivalency, the centre offers basic literacy courses,
English as a Second Language and computer training and has a staff of 45 teachers. In 2007/08 940 students attended the WAEC.

Through the years:

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