Monday, August 3, 2009

Downtown Places: The Aspertron

Place: The 'Aspertron'
CanWest Global Plaza (Portage and Notre Dame)

Well, it's not really called the Aspertron. It's just that "the really big monitor" doesn't sound so glam !

The 470 sq foot monitor was unveiled in CanWest Global Plaza in Spring 2009. It's the
the largest monitor east of Toronto showing mostly Global media items, of course, and to simulcast events plaza events such as the 2009 summer concerts.

From top: Jan, March, June & Aug '09

- CanWest Global Plaza McGowan Russell
- Biggest TV Screen City's Seen Coming Soon WFP Jan 8 2009

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  1. I have driven past the monitor a few times but mostly on weekends. I have yet to see if the space is a large public gathering during the week.