Friday, May 11, 2012

135 Lombard Avenue - Northern Sales Building

 Image ca. 2009. Source: Google Street View

Place: Former Northern Sales Building Map
Address: 135 Lombard Avenue
Size: 4,272 square feet
Opened: September 1953
Architect: Waisman Ross & Associates
Builder: A. A. Akman
Northern Sales logo ca 1990s

This building was constructed in 1953 for the Swartz family's international grain company Northern Sales. The pioneering company brokered the first sales of Canadian wheat to markets in Bolivia, Poland, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Israel. 

Founded by Charles in 1945, son Clifford joined in 1951 and by 1984 grandson Kerry came aboard and they were believed to be the first active three-generation grain operation in Manitoba's history. (WFP, November 16, 1984.)

Courtyard. Source: Winnipeg Building Index

Designed by Charles Fauerer and Allan Waisman, the building is considered one of the finest examples of modernist architecture in the city for its sleek lines. Other interesting features are the 2,000 square foot open air courtyard.

Northern Sales Building

In 2000 Northern Sales closed but 135 Lombard remained in the Swartz family until late 2000s. In 2010 it was purchased by Sigurdson McFadden Benefits and Pensions / Sigurdson Financial Group. They hired Number 10 to modernize the building but respect the original design elements. The firms moved into their new offices in summer 2011.

Modernist Gem Rescued in Core Winnipeg Free Press
135 Lombard Avenue Winnipeg Building Index (1960s era photos)
135 Lombard Number 10 Architectural Group (2011 photos)

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  1. Great Building, My Favorite (Left Standing) in the city. very impressed on the update, However those ugly orange panels could have been left out, Disrupts the overall design of the building. A neat side-note, There used to be a Gas station just next door (You can see in the Building Index photos)