Thursday, August 1, 2013

960 Portage Avenue - Traders Building

Place: Traders Building 
Location: 960 Portage Avenue (Map)
Opened: October 25, 1962
Architect: Libling, Michener and Associates  
Contractor: Allan T Bass Ltd

October 26, 1961, Winnipeg Free Press

This building was constructed in the winter of 1961 -62 for the Traders Finance Corporation which occupied the first and third floors. The second storey was rented out to tenants. 

October 25, 1962, Winnipeg Free Press

The Traders Finance Corporation was founded in Winnipeg in 1926 with a staff of five offering financing to companies. By the time this building opened it had nearly 2,000 employees working from 193 branches across the country.

ca. 1965 ad

Traders Finance Corporation changed its name in 1966 to Traders Group Ltd. By 1979 its name fades from local media though it appears to have continued in operation until 1988.

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