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796 St. Paul Avenue - Row Houses

St. Paul Avenue
Place: Row Houses
Address: 796 St. Paul Avenue (Map)
Opened: 1930
Architect: Unknown
Contractor: Wallace and Akins

This terraced housing complex contains ten units: 796, 798, 800, 802, 804, 806 and 808 St. Paul Avenue and 348, 350 and 352 Arlington Street. Building permits were issued in 1929 and 1930 to Wallace and Aikins Construction Ltd.

Co-founded by J. J. Wallace, the company had a long history. Their other works include: Crescent Creamery on Burnell (1912); Clifton School (1949), Argyle School (1951), and the Garrick Cinema (1968).

This complex was built for themselves, as Wallace and Akins also had a real estate division.

The first residents appeared in the 1931 Henderson Directory. They included a printer, retired man, watchman, neighborhood grocery store manager, insurance company supervisor and clerk at the CPR. Because these have always been rental units, hundreds of people have cycled through the complex over the decades.

A scan of the daily newspapers indicates that the complex has had an extremely quiet existence. I could find no mention major crimes, fires or war dead at any of the addresses.

The houses were advertised under the Akins and Wallace banner until around 1978, though the company continued to own it until 2014. 

The new owner gutted and renovated the units, which came back on the rental market in 2016. 

The complex has never had a name. It is referred to by its legal address:"796 St. Paul Avenue".

January 9, 1936, Winnipeg Tribune

Historic Buildings Report overview

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