Wednesday, September 6, 2017

257 Lulu Street - Haynes' Chicken Shack

© 2017, Christian Cassidy

Place: Former Haynes' Chicken Shack
Address: 257 Lulu Street (Map)
Constructed: ca. 1912

This house was constructed ca. 1912 and was home to the Lee family until circa 1919. (More to come on the Lees.)

The next owners were the Haynes family who came to Winnipeg from British Guyana in 1912. William, a carpenter by trade, added a workshop area at the rear, and in the house portion the Haynes' raised four sons: Alan "Chick", Clifford, Percy and Abram.

Percy became a noted sportsman, musician and labour activist. In 1932, he met Zena Bradshaw and the two became a duo on the night club circuit.

The pair married in 1943 and in 1952 decided to turn the workshop into a restaurant. Zena's sister, Alva Mayes, already well known for her fried chicken, was hired to run the kitchen.

Top: November 7, 1952, Winnipeg Free Press
Bottom; January 10, 1976, Winnipeg Tribune

Haynes' Chicken Shack became famous for its chicken, ribs and late night music.

Percy and Zena often entertained and iconic performers such as Billy Daniels, Oscar Peterson and Harry Belafonte would come jam when in town.

Zena Haynes died in 1990 and Percy in 1992. He worked at the restaurant until a week before his death.

Two long-time employees then bought the restaurant which closed in 1998.

Since then, it has been a residence.

In 2012 it was boarded up. It is currently slated for demolition.

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  1. This building is now slated for demolition:

  2. I moved to Winnipeg in Dec 1984 and never heard of this place till now. What a shame! What a fascinating story and an important part of our history.

  3. Geez, just had a flood of memories about this place. It was Winnipeg’s well kept secret. I think it had a few tables inside and seemed extremely crowded when I went. I really felt that I was in a secretive spot!