Tuesday, December 20, 2011

153 Lombard Avenue - Grain Exchange Parkade

Place: Grain Exchange Parkade
Address: 153 Lombard Avenue (Map)
Size: 3 storeys, 275 stalls
Architect: Ray Wan Architects Inc.
Status: In Process (opens 2012)

Grain Exchange Annex

In 2009 Artis REIT, owner of the neighbouring Grain Exchange Building, made application to demolish the ca. 1920 Grain Exchange Annex. In its place they proposed an expanded loading zone for the 'mother' building as well as 275 stall parkade connected by walkway.

Though the city administration recommended against the demolition, Heritage Winnipeg supported it on the grounds that it made the more important Grain Exchange Building more viable. In July 2009 council voted in favour of the demolition.

Construction began in 2010:

June 2011:
Lombard Parkade
Lombard Parkade
September 2011:
Lombard Parkade
Lombard Parkade

November 2011:
Lombard Parkade
Lombard Street Parkade


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