Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Forks Concept Plans for 2010 - 2020

Today the Forks North Portage Partnership released their ten year concept plan (2010 - 2020) for development at The Forks.

Their plans range from the specific, such as the upcoming Parks Canada - Variety Heritage Adventure Park, to very general such as a commitment to work with the other levels of government to ensure a 'Waterfront Vision' that encompasses more land and development than what is currently considered 'the waterfront'.

What captured the most attention was the re-introduction of an old idea: the possibility of housing units at what is called the rail side lot adjacent to the CN tracks. The proposal envisions a 10 storey tower with a mix of 'market affordable' rental and owned units.

There are open house opportunities through the end of April.

The Forks housing complex revealed CBC Apr 18, 2010

Condos Touted for the Forks Winnipeg Free Press Apr 17, 2010
The Forks Concept Plan 2001-2010 (pdf)

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